About Us
We have state of art manufacturing facility in Lusaka Zambia. The plant is very well equipped with spacious areas manufacturing. We deploy very rigor our and elaborate testing measures backed by quality assurance measures of the best known in the industry.

Our Values
We achieve highest standards of excellence and integrity. We offer quality products to improve lives.

NRB Pharma is equipped with a complete line which consists of granulation, FBD, Punching, on line checking, coating, automative bulk packing, inserting of silica gel, cotton, induction sealing, capping, labelling and printing. Also a blister and alu-alu filling and sealing machines.

Glance of NRB Pharma
We manufacture formulations with responsibility to millions who trust and respect our values and quality.

The NRB Pharma Zambia Limited manufacturing plant has three distinct blocks which form the first phase of the NRB Group’s investment in Zambia. The three blocks include, the Non –Penicillin manufacturing block, Penicillin manufacturing block and the Laboratory/Administration office block.

The premises and equipment are located, designed, constructed, adapted and maintained to suit the operations carried out. The layout and design aim to minimize the risk of errors and permit effective cleaning and maintenance in order to avoid cross contamination and any adverse effect on the quality of product. Lighting, temperature and humidity and ventilation are appropriate to suit the requirements of a particular area. The walls and floors are of a smooth finish with no crevices or rough surfaces. Wall to floor joints are coved to facilitate cleaning. The electrical fittings and wiring are concealed in walls.
Quality Policy

“To manufacture products of the highest quality available to customers according to their needs, with purity, stability, in the right quantity, at the right time, at the price, and to do so using the most appropriate and effective methods and technology available, with complete adherence to government, requirements and to the needs of employees, suppliers, environment and society at large”.
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What's NEW?

Plant officially inaugrated by His Excellency The President of Republic of Zambia Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

NRB PHARMA ZAMBIA LIMITED belongs to the NRB Group of companies whose headquarters are in Goa, India.

NRB Group is led by Mr. Narayan Bandekar as its Chairman and Managing Director and is firmly supported by his sons as Directors in the group, namely, 1) Mr. Nitin Bandekar, Bachelor of Engineering (B.E. Electrical) and 2) Mr. Amit Bandekar, B.E., MBA & CFA Charterholder.

The NRB Group Group’s flagship business is Iron Ore mining in Goa. We are also diversified into the hospitality sector, engineering, fitness / ayurveda centre, entertainment and retail in addition to our core business in Goa, India.

The NRB Group also spends considerably towards Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) for the Welfare and Socio Economic Development of the communities around the Mining area in particular and regularly donates to Institutes like schools, aged homes, health care, sports promotion, cultural and art activities etc.