NRB PHARMA ZAMBIA LIMITED belongs to the NRB Group of companies whose headquarters are in Goa, India.

NRB Group is led by Mr. Narayan Bandekar as its Chairman and Managing Director and is firmly supported by his sons as Directors in the group, namely, 1) Mr. Nitin Bandekar, Bachelor of Engineering (B.E. Electrical) and 2) Mr. Amit Bandekar, B.E., MBA & CFA Charterholder.

The NRB Group Groupís flagship business is Iron Ore mining in Goa. We are also diversified into the hospitality sector, engineering, fitness / ayurveda centre, entertainment and retail in addition to our core business in Goa, India.

The NRB Group also spends considerably towards Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) for the Welfare and Socio Economic Development of the communities around the Mining area in particular and regularly donates to Institutes like schools, aged homes, health care, sports promotion, cultural and art activities etc.


Cotrix 480 Tablets†(Cotrimoxazole Tablets BP 480mg)

Pyridox 25 Tablets†(Pyridoxine Tablets BP 25mg)

Ison 100 Tablets†(Isoniazid Tablets BP100mg)

Ison 300 Tablets†(Isoniazid Tablets BP 300mg)

Trim 200 Tablets†(Trimethoprim BP 200mg)

Azibact 250 Tablets†(Azithromycin BP 250mg)

Clomcet 50 Tablets†(Clomiphene BP 50mg)

Eryfast Tablets†(Erythromycin Sterate†Tablets BP 250 mg)

Quinin 300†(Quinine Sulfate BP 300 mg)

Metronidazole Tablets†(Metronidazole Tablets BP 200 mg)

MAGTRI-AL Tablets†(Magnesium Trisillicate Compound)

Salmo 4 Tablets††(Salbutamol Tablets BP 4mg)

Chorphen 4†(Chlorphenamine Tablets BP 4mg)
                                Developed by:  NRB Pharma Zambia Ltd.
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Plant officially inaugrated by His Excellency The President of Republic of Zambia Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu.